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Cybersecurity Incident Response

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If your company is affected by a cyber-attack, we can help you NOW.

The hackers will want to rob you and embarrass you online.   Your insurance company will be looking out to protect their interest.   Our job is to protect YOUR interests first. If you need help now, then you are in the right place!

Our Highly Experienced Professionals, Proven Processes and Cutting-Edge Technology, Solutions are what you need when you suspect a Cyber Security Incident.

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Our team of Cyber Security Experts trains, prepares, and equips themselves to help your business find and contain hackers.

How prepared you are ahead of time for a cyber incident will greatly improve the outcome

When you ask for our help, our team has the necessary tools and training to analyze the data. We can determine the current situation as well as past events.

We’ll work with you to contain the breach by stopping the hackers, removing all their tools, and getting you back up and running.

US-based companies lose an average of $9.48 million dollars when they are breached by hackers, according to the 2023 IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report.

Even small businesses endure substantial and frequently devastating losses, averaging in the millions, when they experience a security breach.

The interruption of business and the cost of a ransom are just the beginning of the pain.   Legal fees, breach notification costs, and the cost to restore systems make even a “small” cyber-attack extremely painful.

Proactive Threat Hunting proves to save businesses an average of $201,111!

If you have a strong risk assessment before a cyber-attack, your business losses will likely be substantially less!

Letting Turn Key Solutions assess your risks could save you 10 to 100 times what you invest in the process!

Good incident response planning and testing before an incident saves an average of $232,867!

That’s according to the 2023 IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report, one of the leading studies on the subject of cyber-attacks and their financial impact on business.

Studies have shown that there are ways to lessen the impact of cyber-attacks.

Being aware of your risks beforehand and acting to address them will enhance your safety, security, and preparedness for success. It is important to understand the potential risks you may face and proactively deal with them before hackers.

By taking these actions, you can significantly reduce the chances of compromising yourself and ensure a higher level of protection. This proactive approach will also better equip you to handle any potential threats and increase your chances of achieving success.

The Turn Key Solutions approach to cyber security incident response follows these steps:

  • Preparation: We strive to assist our clients in preparing for potential threats by implementing tested procedures, policies, and technologies, whenever feasible.  This has been proven to be one of the most potent tactics to mitigate the effects of a cyber intrusion.
  • Detection & Analysis: We promptly investigate the current situation when you or the tools notify us of an incident. We use the tools and data at our disposal for this investigation.  Sometimes that means we may need to deploy our analysis tools and capture logs from your existing systems.  We’ll check the information and, if necessary, bring in more experts or tools to determine what happened faster.
  • Communications: We’ll coordinate closely and confidentially with you and the parties that you need to communicate with.   In some industries and locations, companies are legally required to communicate with local or federal authorities.
  • Containment: Swift and total isolation of intruders and their instruments is achievable, but it must be executed cautiously and at the appropriate moment.
  • Eradication: Once the cybercriminals lose unrestricted access to your computers and your information, we initiate the procedure of eliminating all the backdoors, command and control instruments, and other tools the hackers employ to compromise your system.
  • Recovery: Our team will rapidly rebuild your systems and get you back up and running, even better than before.
  • Post Incident / Debrief: We’ll take the time to review with you a complete debrief of what happened, what steps were taken to restore you, and what improvements can be put in place to reduce the likelihood of future problems.
  • Continued NIST and Industry Leading Process Focus: Throughout the process, we will assist our clients before and after the cyber security incident using the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cyber Security Incident Handling process, as well as the guidance and training our team has amassed from decades of experience, training, and certifications.

Turn Key Solutions is here for you when your company needs help the most.

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