Collaboration simplified with Cloud Services

Cloud Services from Turn Key Solutions give you the power to collaborate using the Internet and intranet in your office to make doing business more efficient. Cloud computing solutions allow you and your employees to share, edit, and publish documents in a unified system, improve communication and e-mail, increase marketing abilities, and enhance your every day business processes.

Because these services are hosted by the experts at Turn Key Solutions, you'll never have to worry about the management, maintenance or equipment that keeps them running smoothly - so you can focus on running your business.

Cloud Services from Turn Key Solutions are:

  • Adaptable - grow your capabilities and applications inline with your business
  • Tailor-made - to suit your company perfectly
  • Mobile - empower collaborate from any Internet-enabled device
  • Cost-effective - efficient technology improves your bottom line

Our Cloud Services include powerful tools for collaboration and increased productivity, including:

  • Concierge Private Cloud Hosting -

    • Virtual Servers hosted on our highest performing and protected systems, with access to 24 x 7 x 365 tech support from our team.   This is a service no one can top!   We can customize the performance and redundancy requirements to your exact needs, and provide you a private line to our Cloud Management team.
  • Dedicated Private Colo Hosting -

    • We can host your servers in our premium datacenters, separated by over 1,200 miles but connected by 10+ ISP's and as much bandwidth as you need.   Your systems will benefit from near-perfect power, incredible connectivity, and 24 x 7 monitoring from our Datacenter managers.    We can provide immediate onsite and remote support around the clock to ensure your servers perform their best at all times.
  • Web Hosting - Web design services to help you achieve your goals; from site development and planning to execution, maintenance, and site hosting.

These powerful solutions can all be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether you are looking to reach new markets, increase efficiency and organization, or leverage your technology investments, Cloud Services from Turn Key Solutions are the solution you've been looking for.

Cloud Services from Turn Key Solutions are easy,
quick, and economical to implement.

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