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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Comprehensive strategies that ensure business continuity for companies

Many business owners are deeply concerned about the potential risks posed by natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and wildfires, as well as man-made disasters like cyber-attacks, power outages, and equipment malfunctions.

Unfortunately, despite their worries, few business owners take the necessary precautions to protect their business from potential disasters.

Even seemingly minor, localized issues such as hard drive failures, power surges, and other technical glitches can cause significant damage to a business if not addressed in a timely manner. As such, it is important for business owners to take proactive steps to safeguard their business in order to minimize the potential impact of any disasters.

Recent statistics show that 40% of small companies never recover from a disaster. A reliable backup system will make sure you never become part of that statistic.

Turn Key Solutions gives me Peace of Mind!

I did not realize what we were lacking with our IT support until we hired Turn Key Solutions. Our business was growing fast. My main concern was knowing that our clients’ PHI and other sensitive information would be heavily protected. I now have peace of mind since bringing Turn Key Solutions on board. The entire team is very knowledgeable but also patient with me and take the time to explain things in a very calm manner that I can easily understand. I’m very impressed with the response time and the friendliness of the team.

Lisa R. Owner/CEO
Medical Services Company

Data protection is not a one-off project — it’s an ongoing commitment.

At Turn Key Solutions, we exhaust all available options to guarantee that your data is safe at all times. We minimize downtime and shorten recovery times to minutes by installing data backup and disaster recovery strategies. These strategies are exhaustive and comprehensive. Without them, recovery times could take hours or days.

Benefits of Turn Key Solutions’ Backup and Disaster Discovery solutions for business include:

  • Multi-data center redundancy – to protect your files from being susceptible to a single point of failure. We replicate data across multiple data centers in different geographical locations. This ensures that, if one center has an issue or outage, the data remains safe and accessible from other locations.
  • Customized business continuity plan – for your specific needs. By understanding the critical systems, applications, and data of a business, our team can develop a plan that ensures swift recovery and minimal disruption in the event of a disaster.
  • Continuous data backup – allowing you to recover any changes made to your files throughout the day. To prevent data loss and maximize data integrity, this ensures that the most recent versions of files can always be retrieved.
  • Built-in retention policies – so you can stay safe while remaining compliant with government regulations. This ensures safety and compliance with regulations for your business. Data is retained and accessible for the necessary duration.
  • Seeding & bandwidth throttling features – to ensure your internet speeds are unaffected by scheduled backups. We optimize the backup process to ensure that regular business operations are not hindered by backup activities by providing seeding and bandwidth throttling features.

Don’t be lulled into complacency — back up your data NOW.

Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) is a crucial aspect of data protection and business continuity.

Turn Key Solutions’ Backup and Disaster Recovery services are designed to provide highly secure, continuous disk-based backup technology for businesses. They offer these services for a flat-rate monthly fee, ensuring predictable costs and comprehensive protection for businesses in Baton Rouge and across the US.

By implementing reliable backup and disaster recovery strategies, we can help your business mitigate the risks of data loss and downtime. Our services enable businesses to recover quickly and efficiently from disasters, ensuring business continuity and minimizing the negative impact on operations.

Turn Key Solutions’ Backup and Disaster Discovery support offering options for business include:

  • Client alerting & reporting on backup jobs
  • TKS monitoring & management of backups with problem resolution
  • Workstation & Laptop user data & full imaging backups
  • Office 365 backup
  • Server& workstation data restoration from the full image backup
  • Written disaster recovery plan
  • BDR backup to 2 data centers in different regions & Onsite BDR backup
  • Offline immutable backups for data only

Will your data be protected when disaster strikes?

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