Comprehensive strategies that ensure business continuity for Baton Rouge companies

A majority of business owners spend time worrying about natural and man-made disasters, but few take the necessary steps to guarantee the protection of their company. Frequent hard drive failures and small localized issues can cause just as much damage as the next great storm.

Recent statistics show that 40% of small companies never recover from a disaster. A reliable backup system will make sure you never become part of that statistic.

Data protection is not a one-off project -- it’s an ongoing commitment. At Turn Key Solutions, we exhaust all available options to guarantee that your data is safe at all times. We do this by installing exhaustive and comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery strategies that minimize downtime and shorten recovery times to minutes, rather than hours or days.

Benefits of Turn Key Solutions’ Backup and Disaster Discovery solutions for Baton Rouge business include:

  • Multi-data center redundancy - to protect your files from being susceptible to a single point of failure
  • Customized business continuity plan - for your specific needs
  • Continuous data backup - allowing you to recover any changes made to your files throughout the day
  • Built-in retention policies - so you can stay safe while remaining compliant with government regulations
  • Seeding & bandwidth throttling features - to ensure your internet speeds are unaffected by scheduled backups

Our Disaster Recovery and Backup Planning specialists will equip your Baton Rouge business with highly secure, continuous disk-based backup technology for a flat-rate monthly fee.

Don’t be lulled into complacency -- back up your data NOW.

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