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Delivering powerful, secure, and reliable technology solutions within budget

Turn Key Solutions empowers state, city and municipal government bodies with innovative IT solutions and unmatched customer support.

Balancing the demand for expanded and improved IT services within the constraints of tight budgets is a challenge faced by every state and local government. Turn Key Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of IT services designed specifically for government agencies, providing a simple, scalable path to IT modernization that aligns with budget constraints.

As a trusted partner to federal, state, regional, and local government IT clients nationwide, Turn Key Solutions is dedicated to delivering secure, reliable, and powerful technology solutions. We understand the importance of a strong IT foundation for responsive services to citizens. Our government IT solutions are tailored to enable seamless, secure, and reliable services, while also optimizing costs and enhancing interactions with citizens.

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Turn Key Solutions leverages technology as a key mechanism for improving citizen service and achieving cost savings. Discover how our comprehensive suite of services can empower your government agency to thrive.

Discover our comprehensive suite of managed IT services designed specifically for state and local agencies:

      • Managed IT Infrastructure
        • Efficiently manage and maintain your IT infrastructure to ensure optimal performance and reliability.
      • 24/7 Help Desk Support
        • Our round-the-clock help desk support ensures that government employees have access to timely assistance for IT issues.
      • Cybersecurity Solutions
        • Protect sensitive government data with robust cybersecurity measures, including threat detection, prevention, and incident response.
      • Cloud Services
        • Leverage the power of cloud computing to modernize operations, enhance collaboration, and achieve cost savings.
    • End-to-End IT Consulting
      • Benefit from our expertise in strategic IT planning, implementation, and ongoing optimization.

Our Managed Services are tailored to address the specific needs of government IT directors:

  • Strategic Planning
      • Collaborate with our experts to develop a strategic IT roadmap aligned with your agency’s goals and objectives.
  • Cost Optimization
      • Achieve cost savings through streamlined IT operations, reduced downtime, and efficient resource utilization.
  • Compliance Assurance
      • Stay compliant with industry regulations and security standards, ensuring the integrity of government data.
  • Scalability
      • Easily scale IT resources up or down based on the evolving needs of your agency, without compromising efficiency.

Find out how our managed IT services can transform your government agency’s IT landscape.

Services we provide our government clients include:

  • Risk Assessments & Penetration Testing
    • Mitigate potential vulnerabilities with our thorough Risk Assessments and Penetration Testing services. We conduct comprehensive evaluations to identify and address security risks, safeguarding your government agency from potential threats.
  • Cloud Hosting & Migration
    • Empower your agency with the flexibility and scalability of Cloud Hosting. Our experts facilitate seamless migrations, ensuring a smooth transition to cloud environments that optimize performance, enhance collaboration, and drive cost savings.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Preparedness
    • Prepare for the unexpected with our Disaster Recovery Planning services. We work closely with government agencies to develop robust plans that minimize downtime and ensure the continuity of critical operations in the face of unforeseen events.
  • NIST 800-171 Assessments and Compliance
    • Navigate the complex landscape of NIST 800-171 standards with confidence. Our assessments and compliance services ensure that your agency meets the rigorous security requirements, protecting sensitive government information.
  • DFARS Assessments and Compliance
    • Achieve compliance with the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) through our specialized assessments and tailored solutions. We guide your agency in meeting the necessary security controls and regulations.
  • CMMC Assessments and Compliance
    • Prepare for the future of cybersecurity with our Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) assessments and compliance services. We help government agencies enhance their cybersecurity posture and meet evolving regulatory requirements.
  • Advanced Cybersecurity Services
    • Stay ahead of cyber threats with our cutting-edge cybersecurity services. From threat detection and prevention to incident response, we provide comprehensive solutions to safeguard your agency’s digital assets.
  • Onsite and Remote Helpdesk services
    • Ensure seamless operations with our responsive Helpdesk services. Our support teams, available both onsite and remotely, are dedicated to resolving IT issues promptly, ensuring uninterrupted workflow for government employees.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring
    • Experience peace of mind with our round-the-clock monitoring services. Our vigilant monitoring ensures the continuous health and performance of your IT infrastructure, identifying and addressing potential issues proactively.
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training and Testing
    • Empower your workforce to be the first line of defense against cyber threats. Our tailored training programs and testing services enhance cybersecurity awareness among government employees, fostering a culture of vigilance.
  • Telephony Services
    • Optimize communication within your agency with our Telephony services. We provide reliable and efficient telecommunication solutions, ensuring seamless connectivity and collaboration for government teams.

Do you want to feel confident about the security of your organization’s computers and information? Do you want to have a skilled team to assist you in offering top-notch support and service?

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Our Services

We understand that no two companies are exactly alike, so our team of consultants focus on finding the BEST solutions and services to fit your unique needs. Check out our list of services below to learn more about how we can turn your problems into solutions.

Managed and Co-Managed Services

We provide 24/7 monitoring , security and support services for companies of every size. For companies with IT Directors, we help them shine!

Cyber Security Services

Our Security Operations team can provide you with a clear plan and the resources you need to make top-notch security a reality.

Compliance & Governance Services

Is complying with GDPR, HIPAA, CMMC or other standards critical to your business?   Our unique process & solutions make compliance progress easy.

Smart Cloud

There are hundreds of variations to “the cloud.”   We help our clients select and use the best options to their fullest potential.

VoIP Phone

Quality phones are critical for business.   Our phone systems are incredibly cost-effective, easy to use, and are backed by our 99.99% minimum uptime guarantee.

Network &

We can make your network scalable and reliable - without breaking the bank.    Ready for a private or shared datacenter?  We can help you grow effectively.

Backup &
Disaster Recovery

Be ready for malware, hurricanes, fires, floods and accidents with our proven Business Continuity solutions.

24/7/365 Helpdesk Support

World class technical support and helpdesk services are within your reach with our 5-star rated professional support team.