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STAT IT Support: Your Lifeline to Seamless Healthcare Technology

Searching for the right partner for your Healthcare Practice, Clinic or Hospital?

Over 50% of our business is in serving and protecting Covered Entities across the country, and we excel at providing amazing service, security and compliance support to healthcare organizations.

We work with our Healthcare clients to build a roadmap for their technology that is specific to their business goals and plans. We’ll work with you to minimize unexpected expenses by mapping out the needs for every quarter for the next several years. We review the plan with most of our clients quarterly, during which we update the plan to reflect changes in the world and their businesses.

Healthcare is different from other other industries. As the Practice Manager, CFO, or IT Director at a Covered Entity, you shouldn’t have to explain how a healthcare practice works to computer guys who mostly support other industries.

Keeping up with ever-changing integrations, compliance requirements and CyberSecurity threats requires a team focused on Healthcare.   We have 25+ years of experience as a company providing real-world support for EMR’s, PACS systems, HIPAA compliance, workflow and all the nuances unique to Covered Entities.

Here’s just a small list of some of the systems we know and support for our clients:

Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management Systems:

  • Athena / GE Centricity
  • Advantix
  • Epic
  • Aprima
  • GroupCast
  • Meditech

Dictation Systems:

  • Nuance / Dragon
  • PowerScribe

Some of the Radiology, PACS, and RIS/PACS systems we support and work with:

  • Agfa
  • InteleRad
  • Ramsoft
  • PowerScribe
  • MedStrat
  • Merge

Enterprise IT Systems:

  • VMware, Citrix, Microsoft
  • Hyperconverged Infrastructures
  • SANs from HPE, IBM, DataCore, OpenSource and more
  • Enterprise infrastructure from Cisco, Brocade, HPe and more

Compliance Services:

  • HIPAA-compliant messaging systems like TigerText
  • Email Encryption systems like Zix
  • Microsoft Intune, Azure
  • Mobile Device Management Systems
  • Virtual Private Networking

Some of the specialties that we have decades of experience providing support for include:

  • Neurology Centers
  • Surgery Centers
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Pediatric Clinics
  • Radiology Groups
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Orthopedists
  • And many more

Healthcare Providers, Call Now For Immediate Support: 225-224-6595

Patient care starts at the door. Are constant “computer issues” slowing down your staff and causing your patients to wait longer? Being unable to scan their documents or read their MRI report due to system issues could cost you more than just their patience. We have the solutions that you need!

Protecting your patients’ PHI should be just as important to you as saving their life.

Having a team of IT specialists that have worked in healthcare can be a game changer. Turn Key Solutions has a dedicated team of experienced professionals with a background in healthcare. We understand the needs and requirements that come with protecting the healthcare industry are vastly different than any other industry. Starting with ensuring strict adherence to HIPAA requirements and understanding the necessity of never being down, Turn Key Solutions is passionate about providing optimal IT support and services. If you are a large entity, we can work with your current in-house IT staff to support their specific needs, enabling them to focus on the day-to-day needs of the facility and optimize their time. For small to medium businesses, we can provide all of the IT support that you will need with a flat-fee IT service plan or just an as-needed break/fix service agreement without you having to hire your own support staff.

STAT Healthcare IT Support & Services 24×7:

When you hear the word “stat” in a healthcare environment, you think ASAP… or immediately… STAT is also associated in our minds with a life-or-death situation. Do you really want to rely on some “IT Guy” that may not even answer his phone or do you want a reliable IT support staff that will start working on your issue immediately? At Turn Key Solutions, we answer our phones live 24x7x365 and always strive to have a technician working on your issue within 6 minutes or less.

Call Turn Key Solutions Now 225-224-6595

Since 1999, Turn Key Solutions has been providing I.T. support to Health Care practices across the United States. When you call us, we’ll start your customized services by spending time with you, your technology and your team assessing your current situation and needs.

Healthcare Providers, Call Now For Immediate Support: 225-224-6595

No one knows Health Care Information Technology better than Turn Key Solutions!

100% of our team members are trained on a wide variety of EMR, PACS, PMS and other systems specific to Health Care. All of our team is focused on HIPAA compliance, Cyber Security, and protecting our clients against the never-ending waves of hackers, hurricanes and new regulatory requirements & fines.