Powering Your Business: A Comprehensive Power Solution Guide

power solutionsIn our recent webinar, “Powering Your Business in 2024,” our industry experts delve into the critical aspects of power infrastructure and its profound impact on businesses. The challenges are diverse and impactful, from minor inconveniences like beeping sounds to severe incidents such as server failures and equipment damage during power outages.

Weekly Struggles: Annoyances to Critical Failures

The spectrum of power issues businesses face is vast, ranging from annoying beeping sounds emanating from closets to entire power outages resulting in critical equipment failures. This struggle is a weekly occurrence for many businesses and is further intensified in regions like Louisiana, where the power grid presents additional challenges. Monitor equipment failures, server downtime, business interruptions, and damaged equipment are common power problems faced by businesses.

Seasonal Extremes: Ice and Unusual Culprits

The buildup of ice during the winter months can prompt sturdy power lines to snap, adding another layer to the challenges faced by businesses. The months of December, January, and February bring adverse conditions, from snow squalls to blizzards. Interestingly, in 2023, power outages were caused by unusual culprits such as a fish, a beaver, a snake, and a squirrel, highlighting the unpredictability of power-related disruptions.

Financial Repercussions of Power Issues

These common power issues aren’t mere interruptions or irritations; they translate into tangible losses for businesses. The loss of revenue due to power downtime is a significant concern, leading to operational capacity reductions, avoidable insurance claims with rate hikes, and the potential loss of entire data chunks, causing financial setbacks.

Understanding the Financial Landscape

Beyond the inconvenience, businesses must fully grasp the financial repercussions of power issues. The Department of Energy’s estimation that power grid failures alone cost businesses billions ($150 Billion Per Year) annually underscores the severity of the problem. Building models to assess the cost-benefit ratio of power protection solutions becomes critical for maintaining functional business operations.

Evaluating Assets: A Step Towards Financial Resilience

To address the financial impact of power issues, businesses are recommended to start by evaluating their assets. This involves determining the value of office equipment, considering employee salaries, and calculating the average revenue generated per hour. For instance, the estimated cost of a power outage for a small office is approximately $3,200 for every 8 hours. Businesses, especially medium to large-sized ones, must consider the criticality of assets and calculate potential losses associated with various downtime durations.

Best Practices for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems

Maintaining a robust power infrastructure involves adhering to best practices for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Regular Self-Tests: Especially for UPS equipped with network cards, these tests help identify failing batteries and provide insights into the overall health of the power infrastructure.
  2. Monitoring and Preventive Maintenance: Implementing schedules and understanding the cost implications of battery replacements.
  3. Regular Evaluation for UPS Upgrades: Based on changing business requirements, technology advancements, and the criticality of applications.

When determining tailored power solutions for workstations, businesses need to consider power draw, runtime requirements, and the physical layout of the workspace.

Addressing Common Pitfalls and Solutions

It’s a misconception to use a UPS solely for blackouts; a UPS addresses various power issues. Relying on basic UPS for workstations and laptops, especially as technology evolves, is inadequate. The need for extended runtime was stressed to facilitate proper shutdown procedures and hardware preservation. A common pitfall is the tendency to opt for the cheapest UPS available, often insufficient for modern power-hungry devices. Matching UPS capacity to current power requirements is essential to prevent scenarios where a UPS couldn’t keep a single monitor alive for two minutes.

Data Closets and Mission-Critical Equipment: Line Interactive vs. Online Topologies

In the realm of data closets and mission-critical equipment, businesses must understand the distinction between line interactive and online topologies. Online UPS, likened to a water reclamation plant, was recommended for applications facing dirty power, interference, and other anomalies.

Emphasizing Asset Management in Large-scale Deployments

In large-scale deployments, asset management becomes critical. External battery packs, network cards, and preventive maintenance are crucial elements to monitor UPS health and ensure longevity. Emphasizing the significance of keeping track of battery replacements, we suggest utilizing Eaton’s tools for efficient asset management.

Proactive Preparedness: From Animal Antics to Nature’s Wrath

From animal antics to the wrath of Mother Nature, there’s no shortage of troublemakers when it comes to causing power outages, and you can never be too prepared. Navigating through the winter months requires more than just braving the cold; it demands a proactive approach to safeguard against the diverse threats that can disrupt your power supply.

Planning for the Unexpected

Preparedness is the key to minimizing downtime and financial losses for businesses. Whether facing power failures, surges, or other disturbances, having a robust plan in place can make all the difference.

If you’re seeking tailored power solutions for your business, don’t hesitate to book a consultation today. Let us help you plan for the unexpected and ensure that your operations remain resilient in the face of any power-related challenges.


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Need Help With Power Solutions For Your Business? When In Doubt, Get Help From Our Experts

If you’re seeking tailored power solutions for your business, don’t hesitate to book a consultation today. Let us help you plan for the unexpected and ensure that your operations remain resilient in the face of any power-related challenges.

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