Did you miss our free executive webinar on Modernizing Your Microsoft 365 Security entitled “Winning @ M365 Security”?

Why M365 Security Should Be A Top Priority  –   Winning @ Microsoft 365 Security – The Webinar Recording

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Turn Key Solutions and Augmentt for a powerful 30-minute security review just for CEO’s, CFO’s, Business Owners & IT directors to understand Microsoft 365 Security.

Henry Overton, the president of Turn Key Solutions, presents this executive session with special guest, Stephan Tomecko, partner manager for Augmentt.  Augment creates powerful security and management solutions for critical business applications.

As partner manager for Augmentt, the SaaS security and management platform built for MSPs, Stephan Tomecko combines his passion for business and technology with a strong commitment toward helping MSPs build and grow their businesses through SaaS service offerings.

Since joining Augmentt in June 2021, Stephan has been responsible for implementing the company’s first partner success platform. Through the platform, MSP partners benefit from access to tools, analytics and resources that enable them to better serve their customers while driving the adoption of Augmentt’s growing portfolio of SaaS services. Stephan has also trained MSPs in how to market and sell SaaS services and has launched numerous training modules featuring go-to-market tactics and sales enablement strategies. Further, he has helped in the delivery of 100+ business onboardings for Augmentt solutions.

During This Webinar You’ll Discover:

  • The Top Cyber Security Threats to your Microsoft 365 environment (and your business) in 2023
  • Why hackers really love if you use Microsoft 365
  • The terrifying ways hackers have updated their attacks in the last few months
  • The two simplest steps you should take immediately to protect yourself, your business and your Microsoft 365 environment

We had a GREAT turnout and based on the feedback a lot of people had a lot of compelling breakthroughs regarding simple, effective solutions that every business needs to protect themselves in 2023. Even though you may not have attended the webinar, I’d like to help you build a plan for your security that your C-suite and I.T. department can all be excited about working together on.

or If you missed the webinar you can watch it here: TKS WEBINAR PRESENTATION


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