Did you miss our free executive webinar on the 2022 cybersecurity insurance policy requirement changes entitled “How to Lose Your CyberSecurity Insurance Policy in 2 Easy Steps”?

The US Government has just announced that it is seeking an almost $1 MILLION dollar fine against Colonial Pipeline for being unprepared for the crippling cyberattack it suffered in May of 2021.

Lincoln College, a 157-year-old institution in Illinois, just announced that the cyber attack they suffered hurt them so badly that they are closing for good.

On top of that, insurance underwriters are raising the requirements and the prices for cyber incident insurance policies faster than gas prices.

The wave of news stories like this is why I am urging you to set aside time to learn what is working right now to stop the attacks and protect your business.

Our special guest was Alexandre Cagnoni. He has 24 years of experience working in the cybersecurity and authentication market. As one of the creators of an industry-leading Multi-Factor Authentication tool, he has insights and experience from a global perspective that you do not want to miss out on.

Attacks, Breaches and multi-million dollar cyber disasters are up at least 50 % from just a few months ago in 2021. I know it feels like this is always the story, but since Russia went on the warpath, Cyber Security attacks against small businesses, government, and healthcare organizations in the US have gone up, literally exponentially.

As a direct response, insurance underwriters are dramatically escalating the requirements to keep your policies and their rates at the same time. For companies that don’t meet the new security requirements, the underwriters are just refusing to renew their policies.

As the leader at your company, you need to stay on top of these changes to ensure that you are protected and insured.

This executive session is presented by Henry Overton, the president of Turn Key Solutions, and Alex Cagnoni, the Director of Authentication for WatchGuard Technologies.

During This Webinar You’ll Discover:

  • The 4  little-known yet landscape-shattering changes that have occurred in 2022 have dramatically changed every company’s cyber security risk factors, and their ability to even qualify for a Cyber Security insurance policy.
  • What to expect when applying for or renewing your cyber security insurance policies in 2022
  • The hidden “gotcha” most companies don’t know exists in their policy that will cause any insurance claim to be denied.
  • The 3 simplest, lowest-cost solutions you can take today to reduce your insurance rates and your overall risk of being severely hacked in 2022.
  • The closest thing to a silver bullet there is for cyber security protections – yes there is a SINGLE, LEAST EXPENSIVE solution every CEO, CIO, and IT Director has to have today or risk losing your Insurance coverage and potentially lose millions in a breach.

We had a GREAT turnout and based on the feedback a lot of people had a lot of compelling breakthroughs regarding simple, effective solutions that every business needs to protect themselves in 2022. Even though you may not have attended the webinar, I’d like to help you build a plan for your security that your C-suite and I.T. department can all be excited about working together on.

or If you missed the webinar you can watch it here: TKS WEBINAR PRESENTATION


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