How Turn Key Solutions uses Microsoft Teams And How Your Business Can Too!

Join us for this conversation with our technicians and President about the Microsoft Teams features we are loving the most as of August 2021.

We’ll dig into how we use them, show a demonstration or two live, and walk through how you can use these features in your organization, too. While we’re at it, you’ll get to meet two of our technician team, and hear their perspectives on how they use some specific features here at work, and with clients, vendors and other partners.

During the course of these “Tech Talks” we typically introduce a specific product and review how we are recommending the use of it in our client’s environments. Turn Key Solutions loves the “consultative” approach – our goal is always to make sure that we have gone above & beyond to educate our clients first and foremost.


Simple Demo Resources for Microsoft Teams:

Teams Basics (

Do you have suggestions on our next tech talk topic? Email us at ASK@TKS.LA with any ideas or suggestions you might have.