We've got a lot to be thankful for.

@ Turn Key Solutions we have so much to be thankful for that even on the Monday after Thanksgiving, it's still hard to write this list & not miss something.   But here's a start...We're thankful for our customers. We appreciate your support and your loyalty more than we can express.

We forgot to say "Happy Improve Your Office Day!" (and a review of my new Lenovo e420s laptop)

Wow, I feel like such a toad.  I forgot to wish everyone a very happy "Improve Your Office Day" on October 4th this year.Really, it's an official sort of official holiday!  Check it out yourself -, probably that's because my new Lenovo E420s laptop hadn't shown up yet, and John and Harold's had.

A tale of two Covered Entities (Prologue)

This week we met with two different healthcare providers, or, in HIPAA-speak, "Covered Entities" (CE)And they couldn't possibly have had more different responses to the concept of HIPAA / HITECH compliance.The first CE, we'll use the pseudonymn "London Healthcare" didn't know that much about HIPAA / HITECH requirements.

The hurricanes are coming! QUICK – DO NOTHING!

On average, we have 6 Level 3,4 or 5 hurricanes strike the mainland US each decade. (That's going back to 1851, fyi.)Here's the stats - statistical numbers on that chart end in 2004.So, let's look at 2005 - to now to see where we're standing:2005 - Rita (3), Katrina (3), Wilma (3), Dennis (2005)2006 - zip2007 - nothing2008 - Gustav (3)2009 - zilch2010 - zero2011 - so far, so good.