October 2019 Executive Update Webinar

October 2019 Executive Update Webinar

Louisiana businesses are under attack!

Now more than ever, Louisiana businesses, government agencies and charities are under attack from dangerous, well-funded cybercrime rings around the world.

Did you see that Governor John Bel Edwards had to declare a state of emergency in July in response to ransomware attacks on public school districts?

In 2019 here at Turn Key Solutions, we have seen a SHARP increase in the number of companies that have called us after a major breach to ask for help. Since February of this year, the financial impacts have been from $500.00 to just under $2 MILLION DOLLARS. (And that's for the companies that spent the time adding up the costs)

Watch our October 2019 Cybersecurity Executive Update to learn:

  • Recent law changes here in Louisiana that affect business' liability and response to CyberSecurity issues
  • A state of the union update on the most recent (sickening) vulnerabilities that we are seeing in the last few months
  • Simple and NEW protections that you NEED to put in place today to protect yourself

Watch now!