What we do best

After being in business since 1999, it's dizzying to think of the sheer volume of products and solutions we've tested, tried, chucked out the window, and/or supported for 13 years now.

Thousands, I guess.  
And in the end, that's okay.  It's good - after all, Info Tech is a changing, dynamic industry by its nature.   
So take some dramamine, and stop spinning - that's what I always tell myself.   Then, let's focus on our primary goal here: protect our clients and help them grow.  
And how do we do that?   I AM SO GLAD YOU ASKED...   
I working on updating our website to the new Joomla 2.5 CMS, and updating our "products and services" page - check it out here.   Short version, though is that here is what we focus on:
Solutions Consulting - figuring out the best way to meet a new need, a new business problem every day.   
Security & Compliance - keeping our clients' data secure, and keeping them in front of ever-changing legal and industry regulations.
Cloud Services - "cloud" stuff is cool because it's the best way to meet a lot of business goals.  BUT NOT ALL OF THEM.   Our job is to help clients figure out when it's a fit, and then pick from the 9 million cloud vendors out there.
Complete I.T. Management - day in, day out, 24 x 7 x 365, we watch our clients' infrastructure, we protect them, we staff them with caring & competent IT professionals, and we just make stuff work.
Hardware & Software - after reviewing so many products, we know what works good.   That's why we sell stuff - because we are trying to make it easy for our clients to get the right parts.   Certainly not because there's tons of profit in hardware anymore. 🙁
Disaster prep & recovery - few things stink worse than losing data.   Except poopy diapers, maybe.  (I have 5 kids and 2 decades of IT experience, still not sure which stinks worse, honestly.)
Healthcare I.T. Specialization - somehow we've gotten a ridiculous amount of experience helping healthcare clients with every aspect of their business, and we love it.  It's one of the specialized industries we really enjoy and focus on.
So that's it.   That's what we do best.   Somehow, website design is no longer on that list.   So if our site isn't perfect, we'll get around to that.   But in the meantime, I've got customers' problems to fix first. 

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